Apply for a diesel rebate

The diesel rebate service allows you to apply online for a diesel rebate under the Diesel Rebate Scheme (DRS)

Who is the diesel rebate service for?

This service is for licensed road haulage and passenger transport operators in Ireland and in other European Union (EU) Member States.

What you need to apply for a diesel rebate

To apply for a diesel rebate, you will need your:

  • transport operator’s licence number
  • transport manager's Certificate of Professional Competence number
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (Ireland), or a statement from the tax authority of your own EU Member State that you are tax compliant.

For each vehicle in your application, you will need the:

  • vehicle registration number
  • odometer readings at the beginning and end of the repayment period
  • quantity of diesel purchased, for that individual vehicle, using the fuel card
  • quantity of diesel purchased, for that individual vehicle, using bulk supply.

For each fuel card, you will need the:

  • fuel card number
  • total volume of auto diesel purchased in Ireland
  • total volume of auto diesel on which a claim is being made.

How to access the diesel rebate service

You must be registered for the Revenue Online Service (ROS) to access the service. Once you have registered:

  • click on the 'My Services' section from the ROS main menu
  • click on the ‘File a return’ section
  • select the return type of ‘Diesel Rebate’ and 'Diesel Rebate Claim’.