File an Excise Duty Entry (EDE) declaration

What is the EDE declaration service?

This service enables excise traders to complete EDE declarations electronically.

Who is the service for?

The EDE declaration is used to declare and pay Excise Duty on excisable products acquired from other EU Member States. This will apply if these excisable goods are entered into home consumption in Ireland. 

You must be a customs and excise registered customer to access the service. 

What you need to use the service

You will need the following information to use the service:

  • supplier name and address
  • importer revenue number
  • importer name and address
  • Irish Excise Registered Trader (IERT) number
  • local number
  • declarant revenue number
  • declarant name and address
  • country of dispatch code
  • date of dispatch
  • office of entry code
  • revenue office code
  • payer revenue number
  • electronic administration document (e-AD) number
  • excise reference number.

How to access the service

If you are registered for the Revenue Online Service (ROS), you can access the service by following these steps:

  • access the 'My Services' screen
  • on the 'File a Return' panel, select tax type 'C&E'
  • select return type 'EDE'
  • click the button 'File Return' to open the online EDE application. 

If you are accessing this service as a Direct Trader Input (DTI) customer using your own software, you can transmit the EDE to us through a web service.