Manage your tax registrations

What is the manage tax registrations service?

This is a service that enables you to manage the process of registering for taxes online[1].

Who is the service for?

This service is for anyone who wants to:

  • register a new business for a tax
  • register an existing business for additional taxes
  • cancel any or all tax registrations for an existing business
  • re-register for a tax
  • register a partnership or a trust
  • nominate an agent to one of your tax registrations - Revenue Online Service (ROS) customer only. 

Please note that applicants in any of the following categories or circumstances should continue to submit paper applications to their Revenue district office:

  • individuals currently not eligible to register for myAccount
  • non-assessable spouses
  • where a non-resident director exists
  • unincorporated bodies or non-profit organisations (for example: schools, boards of management, charities)
  • liquidators
  • receivers
  • executors
  • collection agents
  • VAT or RCT re-registrations.

What you need to use the service

You will need the following information to use the service:

  • registration details for myAccount or ROS
  • tax type you wish to register, cease or re-register
  • date you wish to register, cease or re-register.  

How to access the service

If you are registered for myAccount, the service is available by following these steps:

  • click 'Tax Registrations' on the 'Manage My Record' card

If you are registered for ROS, the service is available by following these steps:

  • click on the 'Manage Tax Registrations' option on the 'My Services' screen

[1] You must be registered for myAccount or ROS to use the tax registrations service