Review your tax for a previous year - PAYE customers

If you are a PAYE customer, you can review your tax for any of the four previous tax years. 

How to review your tax

2019 and subsequent years

You can view a Preliminary End of Year Statement in myAccount.

This is a preliminary calculation only. It will show if you have paid the correct amount of tax and USC for the year. It is based on the information held on Revenue's records. If you wish to receive a Statement of Liability, you must complete and Income Tax return. This applies even if you do not wish to claim additional credits or make changes to your tax record.

2018 and prior years

You can review your tax either by completing a Income Tax return or by Statement of Liability.

You can submit a Income Tax return for the year in which you need to make changes to your tax record. This includes claiming for health expenses.

You may not need to make changes to your record, apart from the addition of pay, tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) details. If so, you can simply request a Statement of Liability for the relevant year. If you are jointly assessed, either spouse can make this request.

For all years, if you are jointly assessed, the assessable spouse must complete the Income Tax return. The non-assessable spouse can submit an Income Tax return by choosing to be the assessable spouse for a particular tax year.

How to access the service 

You can access this service through myAccount by following these steps:

2019 and subsequent years

  • Click on the ‘Review your tax’ link in PAYE Services.
  • Select 'Statement of Liability'
  • Select 'Complete your Income Tax return'

2018 and prior years

  • Select either the 'Statement of Liability' or the 'Income Tax return' for the relevant year.