Create a summary of your pay and tax details

This is an online service which allows you to create a secure document (PDF) summarising your pay and tax details. Your summary is password protected once it is generated. This allows you to manage access to your information.

You can provide this summary to any person or body, such as a financial institution, a solicitor or local authority. You can use it as proof of income or tax paid for applying for a loan, mortgage, grants or similar applications.

What will the summary include?

The summary can include one or all of the following:

  • your pay and tax details to date for the current year
  • full details of any payments you received from your employer(s) for the last three months
  • your Statements of Liability for the last four tax years.

You can select which of the information above you would like the summary to include.

How to access the service

You can access this service by following these steps:

  • log into myAccount
  • click on the ‘Create a summary of your pay and tax details’ link on the 'PAYE Services' card on the myAccount homepage
  • follow the steps.