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Tax return forms

Claim forms

  • Form 54 (State Year) - Claim for Repayment of Deposit Interest Retention Tax.
  • Form DE1 (State Year) - Application to have deposit interest paid without deduction of DIRT where applicant and or spouse or civil partners is aged 65 or over.
  • Form DE2 (State Year) - Application by permanently incapacitated individual(s) to have deposit interest paid without deduction of DIRT.
  • Form P50 - First claim for a repayment of Income Tax and or Universal Social Charge (USC) during employment.
  • Med 2 - Dental expenses certified by dental practitioner.
  • SPCC1 - Claim for Single Person Child Carer Credit Primary Claimant.
  • SPCC2 - Claim for Single Person Child Carer Credit Secondary Claimant.
  • Form HK1 - Claim for an allowance for employing a carer.
  • Form IT31 - Claim for tax relief in respect of tuition fees for third level education.
  • Assessable Spouse Election Form - Form to be sent to the Revenue office dealing with the individual who is to be the assessable spouse.

Capital Gains Tax forms

  • Form CG50 - Application for certificate under Section 980(8) Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

Capital Acquisitions Tax forms

  • Form CA4 - To request a letter of clearance (Form IT8).
  • Form CA12 - Application for a Certificate Of Discharge from Capital Acquisitions Tax  (CAT) by virtue of Section 62(2), CAT Consolidation Act, 2003.
  • Form CA24 - Inland Revenue Affidavit CAT Consolidation Act 2003 ( to be used where the deceased died before 5 December 2001) .
  • Form CA26 - Corrective Affidavit  CAT Consolidation Act, 2003 (to be used where a grant of probate was obtained between the 5 December 2001 and 4 September 2020).
  • Form IT38S - Return for gift(s) and or inheritance(s) on or after 05 December 2001.

Drivers and passengers with disabilities

  • Form DD1 - Tax relief in relation to vehicles purchased for use by people with disabilities.
  • Form DDO - Tax relief in relation to vehicles purchased for use by qualifying organisations.
  • Form FG1 - Fuel Grant Claim.
  • VRT7 - Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities, Organisations Tax Relief Scheme.