Submit a Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) balance enquiry request

The VRT balance enquiry request service allows motor traders to view a current VRT balance on their Revenue account. Traders can request a current balance and get a response in their Revenue Online Service (ROS) Inbox. You can use this service if you are registered both as a VRT authorised trader and for ROS.

How to access the service

You can access the service through ROS by following these steps:

  • Select 'Revenue Record' from the ROS main menu.
  • Select 'Request Statement of Accounts'. 
  • Select 'VRT' form the 'Tax Type/Duty' option list.
  • Select the relevant option from the 'Function' option list.
  • Select 'Inbox Messages' from the 'Options' menu.
  • Select the relevant inbox record.
  • Click the 'View account statement online' button.