How to register

As a business

  • Revenue Online Services (ROS) Users
    • Agents: Log into their ROS account and select the option under ‘Manage Tax Registrations’ tab.
    • Individuals: Register additional taxheads by logging into ROS clicking on ‘Manage Tax Registrations’. Then select the relevant tax under the ‘My Services’ tab.
    • myAccount Users: Register online by logging into your account and selecting ‘Tax Registrations’ from the Manage My Record card.

For Income Tax (as a PAYE employee)

  • In myAccount, in 'Manage My Record' select 'Tax Registrations'.

Further registration information


  • Business Address: this is the address where the business is being carried on. An agent’s address is not sufficient as a business address. In addition care-of
    addresses (c/o) are not acceptable.
  • Official Address: for a company the official address used must correspond to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) records.


Directors – NACE code 9806 should be used where either PAYE or directorship is the only source of income.  For all other types the NACE code should indicate the main source of self-employed income.

Confirmation of application

Once an application has been signed and submitted an electronic notice will be issued immediately confirming the application was received.  Confirmation of the registration status normally updates to the ROS profile within 3 days.

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