What services are available in eRegistration


Agents can register, re-register and cease their clients for the taxes mentioned in 'What taxes can be registered, re-registered and ceased through eRegistration', except for Customs and Excise.

To cease or re-register for Customs and Excise please contact Further details on Customs and Excise registrations is available Economic Operators Registration and Identification system (EORI).

When an agent submits a registration, re-registration, or cessation application on behalf of their client online they will be automatically linked to that client for that taxhead. 

The agent is required to upload an Agent Link Notification signed by both the agent and the customer before the application can be completed. If an incomplete or incorrectly completed notification is submitted, Revenue may cancel the Agent Link without prior notice. Cancellation notices will issue to both the agent and the client. This requires the agent to resubmit the Agent Link in  order to access their client’s Revenue account.

Agents can link to clients who have an existing tax registration through ROS, again a signed Agent Link Notification is required.

Agents may remove their link to a client through ROS, provided there is an active link already in place.

Agents can register customers with no Revenue registration, providing the customer is either:

  • an individual with a valid PPSN
  • or
  • an Irish resident company with a valid Company Registration Office (CRO) number.


Clients with an active ROS digital certificate can:

  • Remove associated agent links through ROS.
  • Register their company for Corporation Tax provided they have a CRO number.
  • Register their company for other taxes once they have an active ROS digital certificate in that company’s name. (The company must be registered for Corporation Tax first before they apply for the ROS digital certificate).

Online submissions through eRegistration are normally reflected in the agent’s client list two to three days later.

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