Troubleshooting and information

If an eRegistration application fails, then a failure reason will be given. In addition, a notification will issue to the ROS Inbox for the applicant. In cases where an agent applies, the notification will go to both the agent and the client. 

Common error messages and trouble shooting

Error messagePossible solution

Registration number not valid for this tax type

Incorrect tax type may be selected.  Ensure the tax type selected is an existing tax type not an intended tax type.


PAYE-Emp selected instead of PAYE-Ind for existing PAYE employee or individual.


Incorrect registration number used.

Name entered does not match Revenue records. Please consult with  your client

Name entered does not correspond with registration number used. Confirm the correct name and number.

Registration is currently unavailable for the PPSN supplied

May already be registered for tax with Revenue (for example PAYE). If so, please select the first option under 'Manage Tax Registrations'.


Number may be proper to a non-assessable spouse - Paper application is required.

ROS log-in issues

If you are having issues of a technical nature please refer to the Something’s Not Working section in ROS Help. Alternatively, contact the ROS Helpdesk.