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Revenue Receipts Tracker App

The Revenue Receipts Tracker App (RRTA) is a free app which allows you to upload details and images of your receipts to Revenue. You can manage your receipts and expenses on the go.

It gives you quick and easy mobile access to record your receipts, provide details and keep track of your receipts. You can upload expenses under the following categories:


You will need to complete an Income Tax Return in order to claim any tax credits or reliefs that you have entered receipts for in the RRTA or in myAccount. You can find your Income Tax Return under Review your tax 2017 - 2020 in myAccount.

Original receipts

You are encouraged to upload receipt images with each of your receipts details. If you are using the RRTA, you are encouraged to upload your receipt details and images to Revenue storage. If you:

  • store your receipts on Revenue storage, you will not have to keep your paper receipts
  • do not upload images and save to Revenue storage, you must keep all your original receipts for six years.

To claim your tax credit for Stay and Spend it is mandatory to save receipts details and images to Revenue storage and complete your Income Tax Return

To claim Remote Working Relief for utility expenses paid in 2021, it is mandatory to save receipts details and images to Revenue storage and complete your Income Tax Return

How to download the RRTA

The RRTA is available to download free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For information on download size, please refer to the app product page on the relevant app store.

The RRTA is available on mobile devices with the following operating systems:

  • Android 8.1 onwards
  • iOS 12 onwards.

The RRTA is not compatible with mobile devices using Microsoft operating systems.

You will need internet access to use the app. It is advisable that you connect to WiFi, particularly when uploading and downloading images of receipts.


Agents cannot access this service. You can download and send your receipts details and images to your agent when you log into myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS)

What you need to use the RRTA

To use the service, you will need:

  • your registration details for myAccount or ROS
  • the receipt or expense details
  • the date of the expense
  • the description of the expense
  • the amount
  • the receipt image

You might also need to include additional information such as name of student for tuition fees.

How to upload receipts details and images using the Revenue Receipts Tracker App



If you are registered for ROS, you will need to download a new ROS mobile certificate to access the RRTA.)

How to access the Receipts Tracker Service on

If you are registered for myAccount or ROS, you can also access the Receipts Tracker Service through the ‘Manage My Record’ card.

The following services are not be available using the RRTA:

  • Revenue Online Service (ROS)
  • myAccount
  • myEnquiries
  • calculators and tools.

These services continue to be available through


ROS helpdesk.

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