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What is a ROS digital certificate

ROS security is based on a digital certificate. It is an encrypted P12.BAC file you download and save on your computer or mobile device.  You give your certificate a name and a password when you download it. You need access to the certificate and the password to log on to ROS.

You do not need to open or print the certificate, just make sure to keep the certificate file on your computer or smart phone.

ROS digital certificates are valid for up to two years.  You will be prompted to renew your certificate before it expires.

How do I get a ROS digital certificate?

You must be registered for a business related tax and complete the registration steps

If you lose your digital certificate or your password, you should apply for a new certificate.  There is a Reset ROS login option, or you may need to contact us.

How do I renew a ROS digital certificate ?

If the certificate is due for renewal, you will be prompted to renew when you login to ROS.  You will be asked to change the password and you will receive a new certificate, which you must save on your device.  The renewed certificate will have the same name with a different password to your previous certificate and it will be valid for up to two more years.

If you have difficulties renewing a certificate, try our suggestions .