How to register for ROS

What is a ROS digital certificate?

Revenue Online Service (ROS) uses digital certificates for customer authentication. Digital certificates provide a high level of security. 

You will receive a ROS digital certificate when you:

  • complete step 3 of the ROS registration process
  • successfully reset your ROS Login. 

You need to save and keep this file. ROS will look for this certificate every time you login to ROS.

The certificate downloads in .p12.bac format, for example: John.p12.bac. You should not try to rename the file. You do not need to open or print the certificate. You need to save it in a safe location on your computer. 

For security reasons you should never:

  • share the certificate and password with anyone else
  • email digital certificates to yourself or others. 

If using a memory stick to transfer your certificate to a new PC, you should safely delete it from the memory stick and the old computer once finished. You should not save certificates on servers for multiple person access. 

You can try to reset the ROS Login if you lose the certificate or the password. If you answer your security questions correctly you can download a new certificate immediately.

A ROS digital certificate is not the same as a Tax Clearance Certificate. You can use ROS digital certificates to log into ROS and some related applications. A Tax Clearance Certificate confirms that your tax affairs are in order. If required, you can apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate on ROS or myAccount.

You must renew your digital certificate at least every two years. You will receive emails in advance to notify you of impending certificate expiry.

More information and help with certificates can be found in ROS Help.