Charitable donations

Approved bodies can claim tax relief for donations made to them by donors. Details of this process can be found in the Charitable Donation Scheme section.

Donations that qualify for tax relief

The following donations to approved bodies qualify for tax relief:

  • a minimum donation of €250
  • a maximum donation of €1,000,000 in any one year.

Relief will be restricted to 10% of the donor's annual income if there is a connection between the donor and the approved body.

An approved body may claim 31% tax relief on your donation. They receive the grossed up amount, net of tax deducted at the specified rate.

Where you allow the charity to claim the relief, you will not be able to claim a refund of the same tax.

The repayment to an approved body cannot exceed the amount of tax that the donor has paid for that year. The donor is not allowed a repayment of any tax that has been repaid to the approved body.

The donation must:

  • be in the form of money or designated securities (quoted shares and debentures), or a combination of both
  • not be repayable to the donor
  • not benefit the donor or anyone connected with the donor
  • not be a condition or connected with any arrangement involved in obtaining a property other than by way of a gift from the donor to the approved body.

Connection to an approved body

You are connected with an approved body at the time you make a donation if:

  • you are an employee or member of that body
  • you are a member of another approved body that is connected with the first approved body.

One approved body is connected with another if:

  • the activities carried on by both bodies can be directed by the same person, group or groups of persons
  • the same person, group or groups of persons exercise, or can exercise, control over both bodies.

What are approved bodies?

An approved body is:

Certification to the approved body

You can provide an approved body with the required information to claim the tax relief on your donation by either: