Earned Income Credit

The Earned Income Credit is available from 1 January 2016. It is allowed in respect of the pay that you earn. It is a separate credit to the Employee Tax Credit in that it can also be claimed by people who are self-employed.

Examples of income that qualifies for the earned income credit includes:

  • trading income (Case I and II)
  • and
  • pay earned by proprietary directors.

The credit is not available against your passive or investment income, such as:

  • rental income
  • or
  • deposit interest income.

The credit available is the lower of:

  • €1,150
  • or
  • 20% of your qualifying earned income.

If you have income that qualifies for the Employee Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, the combined value of these credits cannot exceed the maximum value of the Employee Tax Credit.

This credit cannot be transferred to your spouse or civil partner.

How to claim:

Use myAccount to claim this credit or complete a Form 11.