HRI for contractors

How does HRI work?

The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) allows homeowners or landlords to claim a tax credit of 13.5% of the total cost of repairs, renovations and improvements to their property. They can only claim the HRI Tax Credit for specific types of work on specific types of property. To qualify, the work must also be done by a HRI qualifying contractor.

Before you begin any work, you should:

  • tell the homeowner or landlord about HRI.
  • ask the homeowner or landlord for their Property ID. Their Property ID is included in any Local Property Tax (LPT) letters from Revenue.
  • ask the homeowner or landlord if it is a rental property. If your work involves converting the property to rental units, ask how many rental units there will be upon completion.
  • enter the details of the work through HRI online. You must enter the full estimated cost of the work regardless of the contract value or grant claim. 
  • tell the homeowner or landlord that you have entered the details and that they can check them through HRI online.

The homeowner or landlord may be spending less than the minimum amount on the property to qualify for the HRI Tax Credit. You should still enter the details through HRI online, as they may have other work carried out at a later stage.

After you begin the work, you should enter all payment details through HRI online as you receive them.

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