Submitting your Local Property Tax Return

'W' Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs)

Historically, on marriage, a wife assumed her husband's PPSN with the letter 'W' added to the end. For example, if a husband's PPSN was 1234567A, his wife would have been assigned 1234567AW when they got married.

This practice ceased in the 1990s. However, some existing 'W' numbers in use at that time continue to be used today. 

If you still use an existing ‘W’ PPSN, you will need to obtain a new PPSN:

  • if your circumstances in life change, such as separation or the death of a spouse
  • for Local Property Tax (LPT) purposes
  • for Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) purposes.

You can apply to the Department of Social Protection (DSP) to:

  • provide you with a new PPSN
  • or
  • reinstate your old PPSN, if you were issued a PPSN after 1979 and before you got married.

Alternatively, you can contact the Client Identity Section in the DSP by phone at 1890 927 999 or (01) 7043281. Client Identity Services will verify your identity and process the request. All pre-existing records relating to you are transferred over to the new PPSN. Once completed, a letter advising of the new PPSN is issued to you at your home address.


Applications and queries to the DSP should include your:

  • 'W' PPSN
  • birth surname
  • mother's birth surname
  • date of birth
  • pre-marriage PPSN, if known.

When you receive your PPSN from the DSP, contact Revenue to activate the new PPSN as a Tax Reference Number for LPT purposes.