Filing a Stamp Duty return and paying Stamp Duty

Residential leases

Stamp Duty returns can be filed and Stamp Duty paid using Revenue Online Service (ROS)

Alternatively, PAYE taxpayers who cannot register for ROS may file through myAccount.

You should use Form SDR 3E Self-assessed Stamp Duty Return Form for Residential leases when filing through myAccount. 

A few days after you submit your completed Form SDR 3E, Revenue will send you a Stamp Duty Return Document ID number. When you get this Document ID number, you should pay the Stamp Duty by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

We have included details of how to pay by EFT on the form. We have also explained on the form why you need the Document ID before you make the EFT payment.

After you have paid the Stamp Duty, Revenue will post the stamp certificate to you.

Revenue will post the stamp certificate to the address you supplied when you registered for myAccount. You should ensure that this address is your correct address before you upload the completed form.

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