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Revenue’s ‘Introduction to Tax’ module has been developed to provide students with an overview of key taxes that they may encounter throughout both their personal and professional lives. To help prepare students for the working world, there is a particular emphasis within the module on taxes relating to employment.

Learning aims

  • Identify a range of common taxes and explain the occasions when they may arise.
  • Describe how taxes are introduced into Irish law.
  • Appraise the role of taxes in our society.
  • Differentiate between the PAYE and self-assessment tax systems.
  • Calculate basic employment taxes.
  • Problem-solve common tax scenarios using Revenue’s MyAccount service.
  • Compare the results of ordering goods from inside and outside the European Union.
  • Explain the shadow economy and discuss the impact of shadow economy activities on individuals, businesses, and the Irish economy.
Unit titles and key topics
Unit     Title  Key Topics 
Unit 1   Overview of taxes What is tax, why taxes are needed
Unit 2   How taxes are made An overview of direct/indirect taxes, tax policy and legislative process
 Unit 3  Income Tax for employees Basic calculation for PAYE employee, reading a payslip
 Unit 4  USC and PRSI for employees Basic USC & PRSI calculations
 Unit 5  myAccount An introduction to myAccount
 Unit 6  Income Tax and VAT Basics of Income Tax and VAT rules and obligations
 Unit 7  Customs A basic overview of Customs rules and work of our Customs teams
 Unit 8  Shadow economy, compliance and CAB Overview of our publicised compliance activities and the work of the Criminal Assets Bureau

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