Revenue eBrief No. 42/17

15 May 2017

MyEnquiries enhancements

Revenue eBrief No. 56/15 announced the introduction of the secure online MyEnquiries facility. Following review and agreement at TALC  Collection, the MyEnquiries facility has been enhanced. The Tax and Duty Manual Part 37-00-36 has been updated accordingly as follows.

  • Tooltips provide information regarding the category selected by the customer in the "My Enquiry relates to" field (para 8).
  • Facility for customers to archive their enquiries (paras 8.2 and 14.8).
  • The format of the pdf document used by customers to record the interactions relating to a particular enquiry has been improved (para 8.10).
  • Some minor sections of the manual have been moved to the Appendices.
  • Enhanced navigation has been provided on the customer's Inbox screen (para 5.5).
  • Customer's reference is included in emails notifying them of new correspondence (para 8.8).
  • Confirmation screens appear on submission of an enquiry or interaction (para 8.7).