Revenue eBrief No. 66/17

16 June 2017

New PAYE Services and ROS registration changes

This eBrief outlines:

  • New PAYE Services available in ROS
  • ROS registration changes (including security questions)


PAYE Services

We are continuing to develop new online services for PAYE customers and will be making further changes this coming weekend which will include the withdrawal of the PAYE Anytime service to be replaced by enhanced PAYE Services.

The PAYE (2013-2016) tab in ROS, which is the access point to the PAYE Anytime service, will also no longer be available. Agents representing PAYE taxpayers will now use the enhanced PAYE Services in ROS to manage their clients’ tax affairs.

From the ‘Other Services’ tab within ‘Client Services’ you can access the following services for PAYE taxpayers:

  • PAYE Services 2017:  This service allows you to:
    • claim or update your clients’ tax credits
    • declare or update non-PAYE income such as rental income for your client
    • divide tax credits and rate bands in a way that ensures your client pays the right amount of tax
    • view your client’s updated Tax Credit Certificate in our new My Documents service which can be accessed from any of the PAYE Services screen.
  • PAYE Services 2013 – 2016 (including Form 12):  This service replaces the Form 12 (2013 – 2016) service currently available on the ‘Other Services’ tab within ‘Client Services’. This service allows you to:
    • review your client’s taxes for an earlier year including claiming tax relief for health expenses by submitting a Form 12. You will also be able to amend your client’s review if you need to make changes.
    • obtain an End of year Statement (P21), without completing a review, provided there are no changes needed to your clients’ record.
    • view your client’s End of Year Statements (P21) for prior tax years in our new My Documents service which can be accessed from any of the PAYE Services screen.

Agents are also reminded that they must use PAYE Services where the transaction can be done online.


ROS Registration Changes (including security questions)

We are also updating and simplifying the ROS registration process from June 19th. The enhancements include:

  • streamlined screens to make it easier to follow the steps in the registration process
  • a quicker process as ROS system passwords are sent by email or text instead of post
  • the addition of security questions in the ROS Profile
  • a new Reset ROS Login option to speed up password and/or certificate retrieval.

Additional information on the changes is included on the ROS login page ROS Registration changes - upcoming developments.

We are issuing emails to ROS Administrator inboxes about these changes and enhancements during the coming week.