Revenue eBrief No. 136/18

28 June 2018

ROS Enhancements

A range of ROS enhancements was delivered on 16 June. Full details of the updated ROS functionality are set out in Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-06-01.

The main enhancements are as follows:


My Services and Agent Services

The My Services and Agent Services screens have been redesigned.

See Sections 6.1 and 6.2 on page 6 of the Manual.


Revenue Record (Inbox)

The Revenue Record layout has been updated to include:

  • a priority inbox notification
  • updates to the search facility (archived items cab be included in a search)

See Section 12 on page 16 of the Manual.


eRegistration – Dual Agent functionality for Employers’ PAYE/PRSI

The eRegistration facility has been enhanced to allow agents to link to Employers’ PAYE/PRSI in a ‘payroll only’ capacity. An employer or pension provider may have up to two tax agents for Employers' PAYE/PRSI.

See Section 11.3 on page 14 of the Manual.