Revenue eBrief No. 148/19

29 July 2019

Stamp duty relief on transfers on land to young trained farmers and Companies Capital Duty

The stamp duty manual Section81aa - Transfers of Land to Young Trained Farmers has been amended to -

  • clarify (in section 3) that, for the purposes of the €60,000 threshold for publication on the EU Commission website, the State aid granted under any of the three Agriculture Block Exemption Regulations (ABER) schemes is not aggregated, and
  • to provide an update (in section 4) on the current state of the ROS developments in relation to submitting a claim for the relief.

A new manual Part 8: Companies Capital Duty (CCD) has been published in the stamp duty (replacement) manual summarising the operation of CCD. While CCD does not apply to post 7 December 2005 transactions, occasional payments are still made in respect of transactions preceding this date. The manual contains a link to the Form B5 that is to be used when paying CCD or claiming relief.