Revenue eBrief No 165/19

03 September 2019

Income Tax return form 2018 - ROS Form 11


The 2018 ROS Form 11 has been available since 1 January 2019 in both the online and offline ROS facilities. A new Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-01-04C highlights updates and changes to the 2018 ROS Form 11.


Additional information has been pre-populated to the 2018 ROS Form 11 in relation to:

  • rental income for certain filers (see paragraph 4 of the manual)
  • CGT payments made to the Collector General in respect of 2018 (see paragraph 11 of the manual).


Please note: Even though a taxpayer or agent has already paid CGT for 2018, the detail of the transaction should be returned on the 2018 tax return and the CGT liability should be calculated and declared. See paragraph 11.1 for further information.