Revenue eBrief No. 217/20

02 December 2020

Capital Acquisitions Tax - valuation date, contingent events and qualifying expenses of incapacitated persons

The Capital Acquisitions Tax Manual has been amended as follows:

  • A new paragraph 8.2.2 has been added to Part 8 to provide guidance on determining the valuation date where a benefit transfers on a death but not as part of the administration of an estate (section 30).
  • Explanatory material has been added to Part 16 as context for the example given in relation to the revision of a CAT liability following the occurrence of a contingent event (section 29).
  • Paragraph 22.2 in Part 22 has been updated to clarify Revenue's position following an Appeal Commissioner's determination in relation to the treatment of qualifying expenses of incapacitated persons (section 84).