Revenue eBrief No. 161/22

29 August 2022


Several updates have been made to the MyEnquiries suite of Tax and Duty Manuals (TDMs).

The former Part B has been split in two. Part B is now Submitting and Managing Enquiries in myAccount and a new Part C has been created named Submitting and Managing Enquiries in ROS. As a result, the Parts formerly named C, D and E have been renamed and are now Parts D, E and F respectively.

The main changes in all MyEnquiries TDMs are highlighted below:

Part 37-00-36 - MyEnquiries:

  • new paragraph 4 on MyEnquiries Data Retention Policy.

Part 37-00-36A - Access to and Registering for MyEnquiries:

  • updates to the myAccount and ROS screens
  • new paragraph 3.3 on ‘MyEnquiries auto-registration for new ROS Registrations’
  • new paragraph 3.6 on ‘Removing Email Addresses’.

Part 37-00-36B - MyEnquiries: Submitting and Managing Enquiries in myAccount

  • this TDM has now separated the myAccount and ROS information into separate TDMS
  • new text for introduction, new procedures, automatic generated confirmations and notifications
  • screenshots of new screens for PAYE-only customers.

Part 37-00-36C - MyEnquiries: Submitting and Managing Enquiries in ROS

  • this TDM information formerly in Part 37-00-36B
  • new paragraph 3.3 and screenshot, restoring email addresses to access enquiries under deactivated email.

Part 37-00-36E - Notifications about Enquiries, including tax clearance and eCG50 applications in myAccount

  • new screens added for automatic confirmation notifications for submitted enquiries in ROS and myAccount PAYE only
  • notifications on requests for clearance in death cases.