Revenue eBrief No. 234/23

03 November 2023

Part 38-06-01a - ROS Pay and File Useful Tips

The ROS filing Tax and Duty Manuals - Revenue Online Service (Part 38-06-01), ROS Pay and File Useful Tips (Part 38-06-01a) and Return Preparation Facility (Part 38-06-01b) have been updated.  Specific updates about:

  • inputting / updating bank account details

    (38-06-01a: paragraphs 4 and 7 and 38-06-01: paragraph 10)

  • use of Commercial Credit Cards is no longer accepted for payments

    (38-06-01a: paragraph 7.1.2)

  • use of the Iris chatbot

    (38-06-01a: paragraph 6 and 38-06-01: paragraph 7)

  • refunds in ROS

    (38-06-01a: paragraph 7 and 38-06-01: paragraph 10)

  • the development of the Return Preparation Facility to replace ROS Offline

    (38-06-01a: paragraph 8 and 38-06-01 paragraph 9.5)

  • Phased Payment Arrangement notices are noted as priority messages in ROS inboxes

    (38-06-01: paragraph 14)

  • warning about using commas, dots or other symbols when naming and saving files in the RPF (38-06-01b: paragraph 6).