TALC BEPS Implementation Sub-Committee

The function of the TALC BEPS Implementation Sub-Committee is to provide a forum where Revenue and tax practitioners can discuss and address issues relating to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) BEPS project with particular emphasis on the effective implementation of the BEPS action plan.

The role of the sub-committee includes the making of recommendations to achieve effective and efficient implementation and administration of the action plan in accordance with OECD best practice. The sub-committee will review Revenue’s Guidelines in relation to:

  • exchange of information
  • knowledge development box
  • country by country reporting
  • and
  • transfer pricing

along with other action plan points as they arise.

Minutes of sub-committee meeting 2019

Minutes of sub-committee meeting 2018

Minutes of sub-committee meeting 2017

Minutes of sub-committee meeting 2016