Revenue eBrief No. 125/19

26 June 2019

Customs Transit Manuals

The Transit Manuals have been updated to be aligned with the Union Customs Code (UCC) and with the TIR Convention:

Customs Transit: General - Part 1

Customs Transit: Customs Operational Guide - Part 2

TIR Transit: Customs Operational Guide - Part 3

  • The use of the electronic Transport Document (eTD) as a simplified transit declaration for air and sea movements under customs authorisation has been added to paragraph 7.3 of Part 2.
  • The customs approval to allow an Authorised Issuer to produce a T2L proof of Union Status document without the need for customs authentication has been added to paragraph 17.5 of Part 1 and to paragraph 10.7 of Part 2.
  • The Transit Appendices have now been incorporated into the Transit Manuals they relate to.
  • Appendix 20 has been removed as it is no longer relevant under the Regular Shipping Service procedures.
  • The Manual entitled “Transit Instructions to staff” has been removed as tables of contents are now included within the individual manuals.