Diesel Rebate Scheme

Information for fuel card providers

Qualifying road transport operators may submit claims in respect of auto-diesel that they purchase in the State. They may purchase the diesel either as:

Revenue invites companies who:

  • issue fuel cards
  • or
  • control fuel cards

to express an interest to have them approved for use under the Diesel Rebate Scheme.

Fuel card approval process

For Revenue to consider approving a fuel card, you, or an entity acting on your behalf, must undertake to:

  •  provide data to Revenue about:
    • purchase transactions
    • and
    • the customers associated with the cards
  • continue to adhere to this undertaking.

If you wish to partake in this scheme, you may email DRS section through MyEnquiries with the following information:

  • Full company name
  • Registered address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • and
  • Name, phone number and email address of key business contact.

We will then email you terms and conditions, a specification document and an application form for this scheme. If you meet the required conditions, Revenue will approve your fuel cards for this scheme.