Mineral Oil Traders

Conditions attached to AFTL and MFTL

Revenue may specify standard conditions under which:

  • Auto Fuel Traders Licence (AFTL)
  • Marked Fuel Trader's Licence (MFTL)

are granted.

Revenue may also specify additional conditions in certian circumstances. These conditions are additional to the standard conditions applicable to all licence holders.

All standard conditions will be specified on the face of the licence.

Standard conditions

  • Secure and Suitable Premises – the premises or place for which the AFTL or MFTL is held, must be secure and suitable for the sale, delivery or keeping of mineral oil, to the satisfaction of Revenue.
  • Safe and secure means of access for Revenue Officers – the auto fuel or marked fuel trader shall provide safe and secure means of access for Revenue Officers to all parts of the premises or place.
  • Pumps and meters – all fuel must be dispensed using fuel pumps and meters that accurately measure and record the volume of fuel dispensed.
  • Complying with the requirements of Excise Law – the mineral oil trader shall comply with excise law regarding the sale, dealing in, delivery, keeping of mineral oil and the keeping and furnishing of records.

Additional conditions

These aditional conditions may be specific to certain traders, certain places or premises or category of traders.

All additional conditions will be specified on the face of the licence or will be attached as a schedule to the licence.

Warning: Failure to comply with conditions attaching to an AFTL or MFTL (both standard conditions and additional conditions) may lead to:

  • the refusal or revocation of the licence
  • and, or
  • the prosecution of the licence holder.