Drug and tobacco smuggling

How to report suspicious activity

We rely on the knowledge of the supply chain trade, the community and the general public. You know your local environments better than anyone, and your information could be the key that leads to the detection and seizure of dangerous drugs, or the import and export of illegal firearms, currency or wildlife.

You can help simply by being observant, keeping your eyes and ears open and reporting any possible unlawful or irregular activity to customs.

We are interested in information about:

  • importation of illicit drugs and precursor chemical diversion (for the manufacture of illegal drugs)
  • illegal import or sale of cigarettes and tobacco
  • illegal and dangerous weapons
  • performance and image enhancing drugs (steroids)
  • illegal import or export of currency
  • illegal import and export of fauna
  • counterfeit goods.

If you are suspicious about something, contact customs immediately. Please do not wait for office hours - speedy advice can mean the difference between interception and escape.

Contact your nearest customs officer by telephoning FREEPHONE 1800 295 295 or by emailing: NPC@revenue.ie.

Avoid using radio to contact customs unless there is no alternative.

If you locate goods, do not disturb or mark the site, just note and report the location. Disturbing the goods could destroy evidence which may identify those responsible.

For your own protection, do not involve yourself in any incident.

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