Important announcement about the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS)

Revenue wishes to remind eligible businesses that the deadline to submit claims for the TBESS is 30 September 2023. 

The facility to make claims in relation to energy bills from periods commencing 1 September 2022 up to 31 July 2023 is available until 30 September 2023. The TBESS claim portal can be accessed via the e-Repayments system in Revenue Online Service (ROS).

Eligible businesses that have not yet registered for the TBESS, or have not yet started or fully completed the claim process for any claim periods are encouraged to do so now, given the claims deadline of 30 September 2023. 

To make a claim via the portal, a business will need all electricity and natural gas bills for the reference period of 1 September 2021 to July 2022 and for the claim periods from September 2022 to date.  

Energy bills from 1 September 2022 will be compared with bills from the corresponding reference period (September 2021 v September 2022) to determine eligibility and amount due.  Businesses making claims will also have to provide their bank account details and will be required to make a declaration that the qualifying conditions of the scheme are satisfied. 

Revenue is aware that there are, at present, a number of incomplete registrations and claims on ROS for the TBESS. This scheme is a two-step process, with registration being a necessary first step for access to the scheme, followed by claim submission.

Businesses are reminded of the need to fully complete the registration and claims process to access the TBESS monies that may be due to them. As the facility will not be available after the end of this month, this needs to be done now.

Please allow sufficient time this month, before the September 30 deadline, to complete these processes, giving ample time for registrations to be processed so that claims are fully submitted by the deadline date.  


Revenue is completing its programme of direct contact with businesses with partial registrations and, or partial claims for TBESS to encourage them to complete the registration and, or claims process.

As of 09/09/2023, 30,475 businesses have registered for the TBESS and 56,126 claims have been approved. These approved claims have a value of €129.04m.

To assist eligible businesses in availing for the scheme, Revenue has recorded a number of ‘How To’ videos and updated the published detailed guidelines. In addition, businesses are recommended to refer to the ‘Understanding your Bill’ guide which provides useful details on the information required from energy provider bills.

Revenue also has an online calculator to assist businesses to determine the potential payment due in advance of making a claim.  The links to these useful supports are set out below.

[ENDS 13/09/2023]