Debt management and debt warehousing


Your business may be facing tax payment difficulties for the first time. If so, Revenue will work with you to resolve these difficulties.

You are advised to pay your tax liabilities when it is possible to do so. Revenue recognises that businesses may be experiencing tax payment difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the energy cost crisis.

You are strongly encouraged to engage early with Revenue when payment difficulties arise, particularly during the current energy costs crisis. Revenue has a strong track record of successfully working with individuals and businesses to resolve their payment difficulties.

In most cases, a mutually satisfactory solution is found without resorting to enforcement action. For example, you can enter into a Phased Payment Arrangement (PPA) to pay off your debt in instalments.

Furthermore, we have introduced a number of flexibilities into our payment arrangements to assist businesses. These include:

  • reduced down payments
  • longer repayment periods
  • and
  • the option to take a payment break.

You should engage with Revenue at the earliest opportunity. This will enable a mutually acceptable solution to resolve your payment difficulties.

Phased Payment Arrangements (PPAs)

With early and meaningful engagement, we can generally agree a payment arrangement that is acceptable to both your business and Revenue. You can find more information about phased payment arrangements in the 'Starting and running a business' section.

Debt warehousing

Revenue recognises that some businesses, in addition to tax debt, face the challenge of:

  • paying their ongoing tax liabilities as they arise after they reopen
  • paying their trade and other non-Revenue creditors
  • completing any necessary restructuring to deal with new trading arrangements.

The Government has legislated to allow for tax debt associated with the COVID-19 crisis to be ‘warehoused’. You can find more information about debt warehousing in the 'Starting and running a business' section.