AIS Revised Annex B and Centralised Clearance Phase 1 and Phase 2


Revenue will upgrade AIS by introducing what is known as the Revised Annex B which introduces a new data set and message structure. We will also be introducing Centralised Clearance at Import (CCI) Phase 1 and Phase 2. Both will go live in June 2024.

These changes align our electronic Import system with the legal requirements legislated for in the Union Customs Code (UCC).

AIS Upgrade

  • Aligns AIS dataset and message structure to the latest Revised Annex B.

Introduction of CCI Phase 1 and Phase 2

  • Allows authorised economic operators to declare goods in one Member State (Supervising Member State). These goods can be physically imported in a different Member State (Presenting Member State).

Key dates

Traders and software providers should note the following key dates:

  • Traders Specifications published June 2023.
  • Public Interface Test (PIT) environment available January 2024.
  • AIS Upgrade incorporating CCI phase 1 and 2 go live June 2024.
  • AIS and CCI Trader Guides.

Automated Import System (AIS) trader guide 

You will find information for software providers and traders on how to set up information Technology systems in Upgraded AIS and Centralised Clearance Phase 1 and 2 (Trader Guides). 

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