Electronic INF

  1. Overview
  2. What do traders need to do?

What do traders need to do?

You should do the following to ensure that you can access the INF Specific Trader Portal (INF STP):

Traders can access the INF STP in Taxud Authentication Portal.

What you can do in the INF system

The INF system provides functionality to:

  • create and edit INF data
  • validate INF data, including quantities
  • automatically generate INF registration numbers
  • request and retrieve INF data
  • and
  • update INF data and quantities.

The INF system replaces the previous Information Sheets INF1, INF2, INF5 and INF9.

Further information

Contact the eCustoms helpdesk if you have any queries in relation to the operation of the:

  • INF System
  • or
  • Uniform User Management and Digital Signature system (UUMDS).

You should contact the relevant business area in Customs if you have policy or business queries.