Statement of Affairs (Probate) Form SA.2

The New Application process

You must complete the Statement of Affairs (Probate) Form SA.2 to obtain a Grant of Representation. You should use this new application process where a deceased person died on or after 5 December 2001.

The procedure for filing is as follows:

  1. You as the personal representative(s) of the deceased person or your chosen authorised person must sign into myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS). You then complete and submit the Statement of Affairs (Probate) Form SA.2.
  2. When you complete and submit the statement, a Notice of Acknowledgement (Probate) will auto-generate to your myAccount or ROS inbox. This notice contains information from the SA.2 application required by the Probate Office.
  3. You print this notice and submit it and any other required papers to the Probate Office or District Probate Registry. The Probate Office will only accept applications that include Revenue’s Notice of Acknowledgement (Probate) document.
  4. On receipt of this information, the Probate Office will contact the personal applicant with an appointment to attend their office.

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