Set up a Revenue Online Service (ROS) Debit Instruction (RDI)

What is the RDI service?

This is a payment facility on ROS that enables you to register your bank account details to make one off payments to Revenue. The bank account must be SEPA compliant. With an RDI, the amount of the payment is determined solely by you. The payment date defaults to the due date. If you wish to make a payment earlier than this you can change the payment date. Creating an RDI in itself is not sufficient, you must also authorise the transaction to allow Revenue deduct the funds from your bank account.  

Who is the facility for?

Self-assessed taxpayers and companies or partnerships (ROS customers) can use the RDI. Agents can use the RDI facility on behalf of their clients.

What you need to use the service

You will need the following information to use the service:

  • name of the account holder
  • International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) of the Single European Payment Area (SEPA)-compliant bank account.

How to access the payment facility

If you are a ROS registered customer, this service is available by following these steps:

  • click on the 'My Services' section from the ROS main menu
  • under the ‘Payment Details’ section, click the ‘Manage Bank Accounts’ button
  • under ‘ROS Debit Instruction’ select the ‘Manage RDI’s’ button
  • select the button ‘Set up a ROS Debit Instruction’ and complete the bank account details for the RDI to be used.

Once you have submitted these details online, you will be allowed to pay immediately (for stamp duty payments please allow three working days before use).