Manage or renew your ROS digital certificate

What is a ROS digital certificate?

You must have a digital certificate to access ROS.  You can obtain a digital certificate by registering for ROS.

Who is the ROS digital certificate for?

The ROS digital certificate is required by individuals, companies and other entities who wish to access online services for business taxes. It is required by Agents who wish to access online services for their clients.

How to manage or renew your ROS digital certificates

Your ROS digital certificate must be renewed regularly for security reasons. We will send you a reminder email to renew your certificate. Check that your email address for ROS is up to date in the 'Profile' tab within ROS. If you do not renew the certificate, it will expire.  When your digital certificate is due for renewal you will receive a prompt when you login to ROS.

You should ensure to Backup and Save your digital certificate when you obtain a new digital certificate or renew your digital certificate. Additional information is available from the ROS Help Centre.