Claim an unemployment repayment

How to claim an online unemployment repayment

You can claim for an online unemployment repayment through the 'Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Services' card in myAccount for the current tax year. If you were unemployed in a previous tax year, you must complete an Income Tax return for that specific year.

You need to declare any additional income and claim any tax credits you are entitled to, before proceeding with an online unemployment repayment claim. You can do this through 'Manage your tax' in myAccount.

Your pay and tax details and cessation date are available in myAccount once your employer has reported them to Revenue. Please note that your employment must be ceased in order to claim an unemployment repayment.

You will be asked to provide the reason for your claim. For example, if you are unemployed or going abroad. You will then be asked any relevant questions required to process your claim.

How to access the service 

myAccount customers

You can access this service by clicking on the ‘Claim unemployment repayment’ link in the 'PAYE Services' tab.

ROS customers

You can access this service through Revenue Online Service (ROS), by clicking on the 'PAYE Current Year' tab from the 'Other Services' tab. 

Please see Periods of unemployment in the Jobs and pensions section for information on:

  • who the service is for
  • and
  • when a claim for unemployment repayment can be made.