Who can access the eRegistration service?

Tax registrations may be managed online by:

  • Individuals who are registered for myAccount. Individuals who are not registered for myAccount, and require access to eRegistration, should register for myAccount in the first instance.
  • Individuals who are registered for the Revenue Online Service (ROS).
  • Agents who are registered for ROS.

Please note that access to eRegistration is unavailable to certain applicants, as outlined below. Applicants in these categories should continue to submit paper applications to their Revenue office. These applicants include:

  • individuals currently not eligible to register for myAccount
  • non-assessable spouses
  • companies that have no Irish-resident directors
  • unincorporated bodies and non-profit organisations (for example schools, boards of management and charities) who are not represented by
    an agent
  • executors
  • collection agents.


Access to myAccount is currently restricted to those who have previously received a customer registration number from Revenue.

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