Motortrans users

Motortrans customers require a Revenue Online Service (ROS) Sub-user certificate to access:

  • the change of vehicle ownership system (
  • and
  • the end of life vehicle system (

You cannot use these Sub-user certificates to login to ROS. However, you need to load the certificate on the ROS login screen to be able to login to Motortrans.

Any problems encountered with the Motortrans or Motorelv systems should be reported to Motortrans.


Please note there are currently issues with some browsers with signing and submitting on Motortrans.

The workaround is to use the Firefox or Chrome browser with the settings as outlined in the documents:

Obtaining a Sub-user certificate for Motortrans

When requesting the Sub-user certificate:

  • Enter the surname and first name of the person who will use Motortrans or Motorelv.
  • Make up an ID Ref – this should include 'NVDF' to help identify the certificate. The ID Ref is used to download the sub-certificate.
  • Choose ‘Other’ as the ID Type.
  • Motortrans users: Under ‘Third Party Certificate’, select ‘Dept. of transport motortrans’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Motorelv users: Under ‘Third Party Certificate’, select ‘Dept. of transport end of life vehicle’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the email address for the Motortrans or Motorelv user.
  • Do not enter any other data, only these six items.
  • No ROS permissions are required.

For further information, please refer to the guides:

Loading a Sub-user certificate for Motortrans

If the required certificate does not appear on the Motortrans login screen, please follow the instructions to:

Renewing a Sub-user certificate for Motortrans

ROS digital certificates can only be renewed on the ROS login screen. If your Motortrans certificate is due for renewal, go to the ROS login screen and try to login to ROS. You will be prompted to renew the certificate at login.

After the certificate has been renewed, complete the steps to: