WelfarePartner users

WelfarePartner customers require a ROS Department of Social Protection (DSP) Sub-user certificate to access the DSP online portal.

Obtaining a Sub-user certificate for WelfarePartners 

WelfarePartners Requirements:

  • Each WelfarePartners user must have their own ‘DSP’ Sub-user certificate.
  • The email address used for the Sub-user certificate must match the one registered with WelfarePartners.
  • The WelfarePartners account must be active for the Sub-user to login.
  • You cannot use these Sub-user certificates to login to ROS. 

For further information, please refer to the guides:

Loading a Sub-user certificate for WelfarePartners

If the required certificate does not appear on the WelfarePartners signing page, follow the instructions to:

Renewing a Sub-user certificate for WelfarePartners

If your WelfarePartners certificate is due for renewal, go to the ROS login screen and try to login to ROS. You should then get the option to renew your certificate.

After you have renewed your certificate, complete the steps to: