Return preparation options

You can easily complete most returns using the ROS online system, however

  • a small number of forms are not available to complete online
  • some customers find it convenient to prepare forms using our offline facilities.

Offline facilities include:

  • ROS Offline Application
  • 46g Return Tool.

These facilities may be used to prepare returns offline and save them as files on your local computer.

Completed returns must be uploaded through ROS to transmit the return to Revenue and complete the filing process. You must login to ROS to upload the returns.

ROS Offline Application

The ROS Offline Application is a tool that you can install on your computer. It lets you complete ROS forms when not connected to the internet.

You can save forms to your computer, then complete and upload them to ROS when it is convenient for you.

Please see the guide to Using the ROS Offline Application for more details.

46g Return Tool

As an alternative to using the ROS Offline Application, you can use the 46g Return Tool to enter details of suppliers and generate a 46g return for upload to ROS online. This can be convenient if you have a large number of suppliers.

Please see the Form 46g information page for more details.