Return Preparation Facility


The Return Preparation Facility (RPF) is a tool that you can access through the internet. You can prepare forms and save them on your local device. The saved forms must be uploaded to ROS online when complete.

The RPF is only accessible using supported browsers which are currently Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

This facility will be available from 26th November 2022. It is intended to replace the ROS Offline Application.

Forms will be added to the RPF over time. When forms are added to the RPF, the version available in the ROS Offline application will no longer be maintained and should not be used.

Please note that the RPF will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Users can reset the timer by validating the form or moving to a new tab. If the RPF times out, any unsaved changes to the form will be lost. We recommend saving any work in progress regularly and using easily identifiable file names.

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