How to make a payment on ROS

You can pay on Revenue Online Service (ROS) by credit or debit card, but your bank has daily transaction limits.

A ROS Debit Instruction (RDI) is an easy way of making payments on ROS for most taxes.

You can use the RDI immediately after setup. You will see RDI as an available option on the payment screen.

If you amend the bank account details, the change is effective immediately. However, it can take up to 24 hours for the updated details to display on ROS. You can set-up separate RDIs if you have more than one bank account.

RDI accounts are not used for refunds.  You must add your refund account details separately by setting up an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). 

To set up a new RDI please refer to the guide How to set up a ROS debit instuction

You can amend an RDI, if required, to:

  • update the bank account details
  • add another tax head to an existing RDI.

Please refer to the relevant guides:

You can add most tax heads to an existing RDI. However, for Stamp Duty, Excise Licence and Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) it is necessary to set up a new RDI.

RDIs may not be available for some taxes.

If you need to:

  • cancel a future payment instruction (up to two working days before the payment date)
  • or
  • remove a tax or cancel an RDI

please send a query to the ROS Payment Support Unit through MyEnquiries.

To do this in MyEnquiries:

  • click ‘Add a new Enquiry’
  • and
  • select 'Other than the above' and 'Revenue Online Service (ROS) Payments' from the dropdown options available.