Revenue's accessibility statements

Local Property Tax (LPT) accessibility statement

This statement applies to all aspects of the online LPT system, other than the valuation guide.

Revenue is committed to making the LPT system accessible to all people, regardless of capability. The LPT facility was designed following WCAG AA guidelines, as set out by the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium). The W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) produces accessibility guidelines that are an internationally recognised benchmark of accessibility.

For users who take advantage of screen reader technology, we recommend disabling JavaScript. This will ensure the screen-reading experience of LPT is as good as possible. All functionality will be available to screen reader users.

Some of the LPT system's accessibility features include:

  • all pages validate as HTML 5, ensuring that they work with a wide variety of browsers.
  • all font sizes are relative, allowing users to change font size easily using their browser. Use your browser's sizing options to access this feature. Styling has been kept to external cascading stylesheet (CSS) files to ensure maximum compatibility. If your browser or browsing device does not support CSS, the content of each page is still readable.
  • there are embedded descriptions for users with any visual impairment using screen readers.
  • all pages will function without JavaScript.
  • all content images used in this site include descriptive alternative text (ALT) attributes.
  • each page will print out in a highly readable format on a standard A4 sized page.

We will continue to closely monitor developments and changes in WAI WCAG guidelines and general website best practice.

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