System requirements

ROS system requirements

You can access Revenue Online Services (ROS) using a wide range of operating systems and web browsers. The following browsers and operating systems have been tested:

  • Windows 10: Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • Windows 8: Chrome, Firefox
  • Windows 7: Chrome, Firefox
  • MAC OSX (10.13 or higher): Safari 13 and higher, Chrome, Firefox.

Internet Explorer has been retired by Microsoft and is no longer compatible with ROS. 

Web browser settings

We have the following browser requirements:

  • use a compatible browser and have JavaScript enabled
  • have cookies enabled
  • have TLS 1.0 or higher enabled
  • have pop-ups allowed for ROS.

For further information visit the Revenue Record help section.

Adobe Reader

To view the documents in your ROS Inbox, called the Revenue Record, you will require Adobe Reader.

Email account

In order to become a ROS customer, you must have a working email account. You will be required to supply ROS with your email address when applying to become a ROS customer.

As a ROS customer, you will be sent emails notifying you when:

  • returns are due 
  • documents have been placed in the Inbox messages section of your Revenue Record.

You can change the email address you have registered with ROS at any stage, in the Profile section of ROS.

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