Relief for Investment in Corporate Trades

Publication of beneficiaries

For shares issued on, or after, 01 January 2007

Companies listed below have made a declaration to Revenue that they have raised investments. These investments were on, or after, 01 January 2007, under:

  • Business Expansion Scheme (BES)
  • Employment and Investment Incentive (EII)
  • Start-up Capital Incentive (SCI)
  • Seed Capital Scheme (SCS)
  • or
  • Start-Up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE).

This list is published for the information of State agencies and State bodies. It enables the effective implementation of EU Cumulation of State-aid Rules[1]. This is in regards to further applications by these companies for other related State-aids.

[1] See Community Guidelines on State Aid to Promote Risk Capital Investments in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - OJ No. C194 of 18 August 2006, p.20

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