Monthly direct debit


You can apply to pay your current tax by monthly direct debit for:


A monthly direct debit can only be set up to pay your current year liability for VAT, preliminary Income Tax and Employers' Income Tax.

The Direct Debit Unit for Revenue is located in the Collector-General’s Division. They decide whether to accept or reject a direct debit application. If you are accepted, you may be removed from the scheme at any time if you do not continue to meet the necessary requirements. The Direct Debit facility is a self managed process for customers and agents.

You may apply for direct debit if you are also in a phased payment arrangement for arrears of taxes.

A direct debit instruction can only be set up on a current account in a:

  • bank (including foreign bank)
  • or
  • Credit Union.

The bank or Credit Union account must be Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) compliant.

Revenue do not charge an administration fee for paying by direct debit. Your bank may apply additional charges.

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